Vertical gardens
Now available for home applications, too!

While “green walls” were only an extraordinary novelty just a few years ago, they have now become more widespread. These vertical ecosystems have long since found their way into hotel reception halls, waiting rooms for doctors’ offices, banks and restaurants where they not only improve the ambience, but also create a healthy indoor climate with the splendour of real plants.

This fashionable trend is reflected by the desire to turn a wall at home into a green oasis. In a few steps, Swiss invention Vivit® now makes it possible to install a vertical garden that is easy to plant individually. Vivit is a new vertical greening concept created for indoor and outdoor applications and contains all the components for professional operation in a compact set.

The Vivit system consists of particularly high-quality materials irrigated by a quiet pump in a high-quality, 33-litre container. Watertight at the rear, Vivit’s soilless vegetation system is planted in the predetermined slots and water and nutrients are automatically supplied at intervals. In this combination, Vivit’s vertical greening set represents the ideal habitat for ornamental and crop plants and can be used all year round outdoors, too.

Enjoy Vivit – experience the magic of vertical gardens!



The Vivit set for home planting is now available.

Developed for the professional operation of a vertical ecosystem. High-grade materials ensure that Vivit gardens enjoy a long life indoors and outdoors.
  • 1.6m2 vegetation system for a maximum of 90 plants
  • Polished, stainless steel, 33-litre container
  • Quiet, low-voltage pump with irrigation kit
  • Automatic irrigation control IP68
  • Mounting set for the optimum wall clearance
  • Assembly instructions and directions for use
  • Smartly packaged in a container 81 x 22 x 22cm

To be used for

“Apartment, kitchen and office – Garden, terrace and balcony – up to Urban gardening”

Plug & Play vertical greening

Vivit is handy and easy to handle! The Vivit kit contains all components for a vertical garden. It comes neatly packed in its stainless steel container (excluding the plants of course).

Vivit Quick Guide

Vivit set user manual
Vivit Set
Vivit Set
Vivit Set
Vivit Set

Installation planning!

Pre-assembled and ready to plant

Thanks to Vivit’s design, users get acquainted with the components during the unpacking procedure and this then enables them to install a system in about 30 minutes. Fitting a system to the wall only requires 4 screws and 4 wall plugs, which are included in the set. Users are free to add further Vivit units on either side and to determine the spacing themselves. The installation plan shows a combination of up to 4 Vivit units. Edgings are an option and can be added to match the interior or exterior. Please ensure that enough air can circulate behind the vegetation system!


“Plant the units dry and then insert the irrigation computers when completed.”

Vivit set Construction plan

Plant layout design

Vivit can be planted easily and quickly. The slots into which plants can be inserted are arranged to create maximum freedom of design. It is one of the few vertical greening systems designed to accept both small and very large plants. Vivit allows the plants to be rearranged as desired or even replaced years later.


“A magnificent display requires around 50 plants.”

Have fun!

Vivit set broschure
Vivit set user manual

Video Quick Guide!

Get a Vivit!

Vivit Set

Buy a Vivit Set

Intelligent packing – all Vivit components come the Vivit stainless steel tank 81 x 22 x 22cm and are packed in a sturdy cardboard box. The Vivit kit is very compact and well for shipping worldwide (Origin switzerland).

Switzerland – PostPac 2-3 Days

Europe – Euro Business Parcel GLS 3-5 Days

Other countries – PostPac International 5-10 Days

“Swiss made, International sale”

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Become a partner

Would you like to sell Vivit in your shop? Or would you like to include Vivit in your planning project? Here are some of the advantages being a Vivit partner:

  • fashionable design concept
  • time saving due to its simplicity
  • high quality and results
  • enable existing and new customers
  • make additional sales

“We offer fair terms and conditions for partners. Benefit from Vivit’s novelty”

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Healthy green

Vertical gardens make an enormous contribution to a healthy environment. One single Vivit garden of more than 1.5 square meter surface holds up to 90 plants. These plants bind odors and fine particels. They also absorb carbon dioxydes and greenhouse gases. This makes Vivit an ideal addition at home and in offices. Vivit is a natural air humidifier especially during winter time. Green walls improve your surrounding climate in a natural way. It improves your well-being. Observations even show that domestic animals like cats and dogs appreciate green walls as they choose their resting place right in front of Vivit.

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